Skin Aging: Is it Really Too Late?

Skin Aging: Is it Really Too Late?

There are a few things in life that are inevitable, and one of them is aging. Aging is a complex process that is uniquely experienced by every individual, however, the earliest indications of aging are very commonly seen on our skin, more specifically our face. Women usually exhibit evidence of skin aging as early as 25 years old, including sagging, wrinkles, dryness, and even dark spots.

Causes of Skin Aging

The causes of skin aging can be widely categorized into 2 categories: intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Both of these factors contribute to how early and how extreme a person will experience the various signs of skin aging. It is also important to identify which factor is a major contributor to your skin aging concerns so proper steps can be taken to eliminate them. For example, if you are experiencing dryness because of too much exposure to the sun, which is an extrinsic factor, then you can remedy it by spending less time under the sun and wearing a more moisturizing sunscreen.

Intrinsic Aging

Intrinsic aging, also known as chronological aging, is a natural and continuous process. It is determined by intrinsic elements, such as a person’s genetic makeup, and may not become evident until around our mid-20s. Intrinsic factors are mostly uncontrollable and inevitable and can only be addressed when they become visible on our skin. One good example is the famous belief that Asians have more pigmented skin, making them less likely to show lines and wrinkles, thus making them seem to age slower compared to other races.

Extrinsic Aging

Where intrinsic factors are inevitable and uncontrollable, extrinsic factors are all totally preventable elements. Lifestyle influences like smoking, an unhealthy diet, and insufficient hydration are just some examples of extrinsic factors that cause skin aging. Many of these aspects can be largely avoided to lessen extrinsic aging. Some extrinsic factors are also difficult to steer clear from such as pollution and sun exposure, however, you can still minimize the harmful effects of these factors in one way or another.

Common Sign of Early Skin Aging

As we’ve established earlier, each individual experiences aging differently, and each one can also show signs of aging in various ways. However, we have narrowed down the list and identified the top 4 most common signs of early skin aging according to years of research at LANEIGE:

  1. Visible Pores
  2. Fine lines and Wrinkles
  3. Dullness of Skin
  4. Rough and Dry Skin

These signs can be observed mostly for adults in their early 20s. For those of us who want to try and not show signs of skin aging, using anti-aging products during your 20s is also the best time to start if you to mitigate these visible effects before it’s too late.

The Youth Triangle

Ever wonder what’s happening when our skin ages? When you look at human skin closely through a microscope, you can see little triangles called Youth Triangles. When your skin is healthier and younger, you have more youth triangles with clear, defined, and tight triangle shapes, making your skin look smooth and supple, just like a baby’s. However, as our skin ages, the structure is slowly destroyed by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, enlarging the triangle on one side, thus causing wrinkles to form all over your eyes and face.

Restore your Youth Triangle with Perfect Renew Regenerator

Specially formulated to bring back your High Definition (HD) skin, our Perfect Renew Regenerator is an anti-aging essence that uses 3 main ingredients plus a unique technology developed by LANEIGE, all targeted to fight the 5 signs of skin aging.

  1. Energy-Glyco: A highly functional ingredient that activates necessary skin energy or Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and increases skin cell regeneration.
  2. Tri-Peptide: Made up of three essential amino acids that stimulate the generation of procollagen to enhance skin firmness and elasticity.
  3. Superberry Complex

A combination of Acai Berry and Acerola solution, Superberry Complex has a 4x stronger antioxidant effect than vitamin C to boost skin vitality and protect the skin from aging.

Combined with LANEIGE’s Glyco-Miracle™ Technology, energy-glyco and tri-peptide relieve the early signs of skin aging including firmness, wrinkles, skin texture, radiance, and moisture in as fast as 7 days to achieve HD skin with restored ‘youth triangle’ for a smoother and plumper complexion, making you look fresh and younger than ever.

For faster and more visible results, add our complete anti-aging line to your skincare routine, complete with skin refiner, emulsion, eye cream, and many more. Click here to check out our Perfect Renew Youth Range.

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