LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Retinol 30ml


A retinol cream for the entire face 

Contains super pure retinol with 95% purity that stimulates collagen production and skin turnover to provide relief for the appearance of both pores and wrinkles in just 7 days

Contains 90% pure tripeptide that stimulates production of procollagen to reduce and lift sagginess due to phone-face posture 

Contains 5D-hyaluronic acid in different sizes that prevents degradation of collagen to help skin penetration of retinol  and plum skin

- Recommended to use after Cream step
- 1st & 2nd week: Use alternate days during night time. Apply a small amount size of a rice grain to each wrinkled area.
- 3rd week onwards: Use daily during night time. Apply a pea-sized amount to each wrinkled area or the entire face.                        


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